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so outfit for tonight.

denim shirt w/ a big flannel shirt to go over it for when i get cold/go home.

cancer bats shirt that’s all cut up and falling apart.

black skirt.

black leggings.

black/cork platform sandals.

lilac bandana.


there might be some photos later..


aah seeing people for the first time in agessss.


finally going out for the first time in ages. :)

not sure what to wear…all my favourites are in need of washing.


also..heels or vans?


nervous now haha.

Had the best night out in awhile last night :D

Why can’t all nights out be that good?

Saw Exit Ten, hung out with some friends, found a new band to like, figured out my phone can record videos pretty damn well.

Only downside is that I had to leave before it finished.


Will post the video later..

I never went  food shopping .. so i need to do that really.

Got no bread or squash or veg or cereal or milk.



seriously well into making the lists of xmas gifts for people.


not looking forward to getting most of this delivered.


what do you get your best friend who you barely see anymore..cause you moved away and she has a job?


i’ll think of something.

but right now..

trying to find something for my ratbag of a brother.

and i need to remember to call/text mum tomorrow.

OH forgot to say…a flat across the road from me has already got xmas decorations up…as of last week. ;L

bahah. awh damn..they’ve closed their blinds!


Tonight was bit of a bust…
I’m tipsy..
I saw some of my friends for half a second..
My best friend practically broke up with her boyfriend..
A weird guy shoved his tongue in my mouth…after hijacking me away from my friend.
AAAND I get home…and brother has locked me out. :(
But I did get to hang out with my best friend for ages tonight.

Takeaway with friends for my friends birthday tonight..possibly going out in town later too..

Anything happening in Colchester tonight? Xx


I have Pizza.

My friend (who I have known since forever)’s boyfriend is on my new favourite telly programme - Bad Education, acting alongside Jack Whitehall! 

I talked to Greg James on the radio today - about The Animals of Farthingwood. GREG JAMES.

All in all, proper nice day I think!

really fucking sore feet, man alive I ache all over..

fun weekend though, 

seeing one of the people I was volunteering with fall flat on his face trying to push a car out of the mud when we were car parking was hilarious.


should really go wash all the dirt off me…but I’m tired and I’ve sat down.


possibly some embarrassing pictures up later when Laura puts them on facebook.


Prom 2009 from L-R Charlie, Beth, Me.
I had fun that night…me and charlie blagging our way into a limo. :L and being in the paper. :)
can’t really believe that it’s 3 years ago..

Prom 2009 from L-R Charlie, Beth, Me.


I had fun that night…me and charlie blagging our way into a limo. :L and being in the paper. :)

can’t really believe that it’s 3 years ago..



forgot to tell everyone, that I actually went out on thursday night. :)

to go see Dan Warburton at Tin Pan Alley.

And my friend Adam did that thing where he pretended there was something on my shirt and there wasn’t and flicked my nose. I also got to see my friend Simon, who is lovely and if his band is still around you should totally see them - The Mundens.

But then I had to go because the last bus was quite early - so I said bye to Simon and Dan+Adam tried to scare me, while I waited at the bus stop alone for much longer than i thought i would have to.

Was a nice night - wish I could have more of them.

Dan is on tumblr somewhere..I’ll link you later, he has another musical endeavour in a band called Paper Cages which I will link you to also.