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just spent a long time cleaning my bathroom…

pink hairdye sticks to everything!


third go round of this spray bleach tomorrow and I think it will be gone.

standing in the shower with my trainers on trying to scrub away the hairdye from my shower floor/walls…so much fun.

have to take a break… 

feels like it’s two in the morning..when in fact it is only 11pm. :L 


Walked my dog out at this massive field near my house today, met loads of other lovely dogs:

- A labrador called Bob who stole our ball.

- A puppy called Archie who wanted to play but my dog wasn’t having any of it.

- A massive husky-type dog who was beautiful and his friend who was like a husky-type-fluffy-dark brown dog.

AND a bulldog whose owner was super cool and had a football for his dog :L.


forgot to tell everyone, that I actually went out on thursday night. :)

to go see Dan Warburton at Tin Pan Alley.

And my friend Adam did that thing where he pretended there was something on my shirt and there wasn’t and flicked my nose. I also got to see my friend Simon, who is lovely and if his band is still around you should totally see them - The Mundens.

But then I had to go because the last bus was quite early - so I said bye to Simon and Dan+Adam tried to scare me, while I waited at the bus stop alone for much longer than i thought i would have to.

Was a nice night - wish I could have more of them.

Dan is on tumblr somewhere..I’ll link you later, he has another musical endeavour in a band called Paper Cages which I will link you to also.