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Sherlock Limericks <3 


2 limericks i wrote for Sherlock, they are quiet different in emotion :P


There was a Doctor named John

whose best friend, Sherlock, was gone

John begged him to wake

as his heart did break

and he knew he couldn’t move on. :’(

and one for Sherlock <3

The great detective Sherlock

his heart did give him a shock

as he started to cry

before he did fly

when he realised he wanted John’s cock. ;)

These are mine thankyou very much =D


I love Lauras limericks. ;)


Walked my dog out at this massive field near my house today, met loads of other lovely dogs:

- A labrador called Bob who stole our ball.

- A puppy called Archie who wanted to play but my dog wasn’t having any of it.

- A massive husky-type dog who was beautiful and his friend who was like a husky-type-fluffy-dark brown dog.

AND a bulldog whose owner was super cool and had a football for his dog :L.

the latest new girl (ep 12) is friggin hilarious.