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i have lightener for my hair.

so i can put some teal colour in it..

scared to try it i have to use up the whole mix in one go and it can’t be saved and used later…


but i am going to try the teal/turquoise colour i have bought…over my ‘natural’ hair first. (meaning…over the dye thats nearly gone and my already grown out hair)

boring hair post i know..

finishing my student finance application tomorrow.

along with my first and second choice universities.

AND my accomodation application for UCS - I’m going to be living in ipswich! :)

An essex girl in suffolk - what am I going to do?! loljk.

Need to start making lists of stuff I need to buy/get to take to Uni…

and finish my blanket. :o

getting plans together for my friends 18th at the end of the month.

she wants presents that have her name incorporated in it - which is Fleur - but no fleur de lys or perfume.


she’s fed up of those jokes.

think i’ve got alot of it covered but if anyone has any ideas both crafty and stuff I could buy for it..get in touch via my ask please!