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got just under an hour to get ready…and what am i doing?

on tumblr and facebook.

just drying hair takes so long… and is soo boring :L

but i get to see a band tonight! woohoo for live music!


dumbfoundus at the cult bar in ipswich 9:30 xx

Someone wanna come with me to the cinema next week?

They’re showing saturday night fever at Cineworld in Ipswich on tuesday and I really want to go!!

Anyone *I know* fancy going with me?

okay wow.

it’s raining.

i have a cold.

feel like crap.

is going out tonight, solely on the off chance that i might meet brendan from hollyoaks, a good thing?

but i wanted to get him to sign something for laura..

but nobody wants to go with me..

just be tagging along with people from upstairs..

i think it is going to happen.


tired, sick, cold..


just spoke to my sister on the phone for agees though, that was fun :D

although im not sure if she appreciated it haha.

(she’s going to hate the lack of capital letters and proper language in this post though. hilarious) 

love you hoz.


last night there was this guy..who looked like a young brendan fraser, with both sides of his head shaved and his hair long on top.

good lord.


had a really nice time out last night.

well up for two more times this week. O.O


so the general consensus is yes.. i should go to liquid to meet brendan from hollyoaks. aah excited. :D 

anyone wanna come with?

the question is…

should i go to liquid in ipswich friday night..

just to meet brendan from hollyoaks?

dude. are there any gigs in colchester/norwich/ipswich or chelmsford this weekend?

i need to go out somewhere!

Went to RaRa’s in Ipswich yesterday, so cool!

It’s a 50’s themed Ice Cream Parlour/Milkshake place.

Wicked cool, with some of my all time favourite (‘rock and roll’) music being played via a jukebox/cd player shaped like a jukebox.

Free wifi, red booths, old film posters, old-style milkshake glasses..


AND I have a bright pink bandana now too.


Who wants to come and see EXIT TEN with me next month?

I mean…I’ll go by myself…to Norwich…again.

But it’d be nice to have someone to go to a gig with…for a change. 


Thursday 21st February.



Seeing Underline The Sky, Aprils Ghost and Noughts&Crosses tonight. :)

If you live in ipswich - be at The Steamboat @ 7pm with £4 (or more) in hand. And see an awesome show. :)