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having a pizza night tomorrow i think..

and eke out the pizza for the rest of the weekend..possibly even monday if i have salad bits..

buying tubigrips tomorrow..

make my feet/ankles normalsize.

lost my johnny depp bracelet i made :(

i think i left it at home..

holly if you see this, next time you are in my room can you check on my shelf for it please? thankyouuu. <33

i found the bracelet my grandma gave me thats awesome. :)

going to start taking pictures again.. :) of stuff.

left my camera at home also though…so they will be phone photos..still the camera is pretty okay on my phone..


got my sister (hi again holly) a hunger games necklace from calamityjaynedesigns on etsy..well i ordered it :) 

definitely check out calamityjaynedesigns on etsy.. i want to buy over half the shop. can’t cause..well money.

but yeah.

love itt.



Harry Potter tour today was so amazing.

So amazing.


That I may need to go again - with spare batteries for my camera and loads of cash. o.O


I drank butterbeer, bought a teeshirt, saw a wand box with Jarvis Cocker’s name on it, went into the great hall, visited Privet Drive..and I would do it all again - who wants to go when i’ve got some more money/recovered from this trip lol?



making lists of what i need to get for uni…scary stuff. :s

may do a room tour - as loads of people i know seem to be doing them O.O and it looks fun. :)

might go have some lunch…


i’ll do some picture diving as well..seeing as i need to update the FYNMM page and post some new stuff here too..

OH and i’ll update the film blog as well..

and squeeze some revision in too.

and clean the house..

what are they going to do without me when i leave? :s

might be seeing warhorse today with my dad. :)
if it’s still on at the cinema…and if he remembered that he asked if I wanted to see it..

want it to snow like this again.
all we got today was thick frost&#8230; :(

want it to snow like this again.

all we got today was thick frost… :(

looking forward to New Years eve.. 

i’ll be a whole year older and i get to see all the family again, i mean i saw them all a week ago but i miss them already.

pictures of stuff tomorrow i promise.

and please check out my film blog?