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So today started at 7, where I crawled out of bed, got ready and made a marmite sandwich. Got into town for approximately 8:15 and waited near on 45mins for a poxy bus to the train station. In that time I could have walked to the station! But, past is past and I managed to make it to the station on time. Hung out with Hannah on the train and looked all educated and mature reading up on our current affairs in today’s edition of The Guardian. We ended up in the bustling metropolis of London, via London Liverpool Street which was freezing! We then all jumped on the tube to Kings Cross, upon exiting the station, Hannah and I were stuck with the slowest walking teacher, even walking ahead of him without realising. We encountered The Guardian’s building - a beautiful construction of steel and glass. Even the chairs in the reception oozed sophistication and cool! The short glimpses that I got of the inside of the building, have made me want to get into journalism even more, it was incredible. As a group we were lucky enough to meet Patrick Kingsley, who is a feature writer at The Guardian and he told us about how he got into writing and how to write a brilliant feature. After he left we cracked on with our own feature articles which were put in templates laid out like a page in G2 or The Guardian. Embarrassingly I am so happy at how well my article came together. All in all, I had a lovely time and if you are in school or sixth form college, I highly recommend you ask your English department to set up a workshop with The Guardian newspaper. It will help no end with aspects of your work at college as well as inspiring the journalist in you.

Amy Fowler.