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so my tuition wont be paid until 2 weeks into my course.

my grant hasn’t been approved yet.

i’ve got £9 to last me indefinitely.

and i’ve run out of milk to make tea.


little bit sad/terrifying.

plus i got bored of being on hold on their phone line and their crappy hold music.

im sick and i miss everyone.


have to pay my rent as of tomorrow.

and i have no money whatsoever.

fecking student finance.

i don’t even move in for another 10 days…


finishing my student finance application tomorrow.

along with my first and second choice universities.

AND my accomodation application for UCS - I’m going to be living in ipswich! :)

An essex girl in suffolk - what am I going to do?! loljk.

Need to start making lists of stuff I need to buy/get to take to Uni…

and finish my blanket. :o