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have to pay my rent as of tomorrow.

and i have no money whatsoever.

fecking student finance.

i don’t even move in for another 10 days…


'ooh im so fucking original - lets post a picture of me eating a cookie on fb - such a fucking badman.' (paraphrasing this girl from my course)

give a fuck.

oh and i definitely know that you were talking about me when I walked past you in the cafe earlier.


this is fucking university, not secondary school.

grow up. 

not sure if the fire alarm went off this morning..

or my alarm is particularly violent today.


either way…im proper knackered.

off to uni i go… 


severe writers block.


can’t even write a sodding haiku today..

wrote a really depressive one the other morning in a lecture cause i was tired..

and yet..

nothing right now.


but in other news..

my DAD is coming to visit me!!!!

ee. excited.


forgot to buy sodding pasta earlier..

too cold to go outside again now (or just tired/laziness) so i have had to change my menu for the week around. 


in other news - I had my induction at uni today - well the first day of it and i met the rest of the people on my course/degree and they are all super cool/nice.


going to go put another jumper on now. brr. 


thankyou FVK for following me! :)

on another note…really really tired.

and need to stop spending ALL THE MONEYS.

:( people are going to come see me at uni in ipswich right?

starting to worry now.

so many new people. 

Spent nearly £60 on books for Uni today.

Fucking hell.


thats not even including the four other books they recommend you read to help for the degree as a whole.

should make signs saying - 

"Will write short stories and poems if you buy me books!"

and just sit in colchester town with a notebook and pen lol.

so. totally going to be ill..due to the nerves.



finishing my student finance application tomorrow.

along with my first and second choice universities.

AND my accomodation application for UCS - I’m going to be living in ipswich! :)

An essex girl in suffolk - what am I going to do?! loljk.

Need to start making lists of stuff I need to buy/get to take to Uni…

and finish my blanket. :o