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awh just met one of my new flat mates.

she’s so nice. :)

time to go food shopping laters i thinks..

got practically nothing.


moving in 8 hours. barely packed.

its almost as if i don’t want to leave essex.

just made some godawful noodles. i will find the company name later so you can stay away from them.

just had a pretty shitty time in town. started off lovely at the judge and jury..shouldnt have left there really…

now im tired/but not…but i can’t really make much noise because people are asleep.

so i can’t really do my packing..



Spent nearly £60 on books for Uni today.

Fucking hell.


thats not even including the four other books they recommend you read to help for the degree as a whole.

should make signs saying - 

"Will write short stories and poems if you buy me books!"

and just sit in colchester town with a notebook and pen lol.

finishing my student finance application tomorrow.

along with my first and second choice universities.

AND my accomodation application for UCS - I’m going to be living in ipswich! :)

An essex girl in suffolk - what am I going to do?! loljk.

Need to start making lists of stuff I need to buy/get to take to Uni…

and finish my blanket. :o


Just putting this out there.

If anyone is hoping to go to UCS-Great Yarmouth college this September and is struggling to find some accommodation. I am definitely willing to house/flat share!

Reblogging so Nadine can get this out there. Unfortunately the Gt Yarmouth College section of UCS has little to no student accomodation, anyone out there able to help?

saharalogic replied to your post: university campus suffolk was brilliant today,
Ipswich is good and your close to music venues aswell

ikr. plus its not too far from the train station either so i can get home/go to colchester easily. :)

excited! :)xx

university campus suffolk was brilliant today,  

hope I get the grades to get in, the campus is lovely and the accommodation looks so cool.


living in ipswich sounds good yeah? :) x

Going to an open day at University Campus Suffolk on Friday.

Little bit excited/nervous, I’m not too sure what to wear or what to bring though. :/

There wasn’t too much information on the invite that I got.